In a constantly changing tumultuous world, every thing we have placed a hope in is being tested. Many things are coming up short. Here are 3 things that come to my heart in setting our hope on the one thing that doesn’t change: Jesus. 

1. Our inner vision gets louder than our outer vision

A few years ago, I was reading 1 Samuel and came across the ever popular line God speaks to Samuel: “…For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

It hit me differently this time. I, as a human, have a different default measuring stick than God does. I look on the outside. God looks on the heart. I look on the performance. God looks on the motive. Very different things.

Do we spend 95% of our energy investing on the outside and leave the leftovers for the thing God is actually concerned with?

I know for me, to discuss vision for ministry, for life, for family etc comes quite naturally. But vision for my heart? If God is looking at my heart, I want that to be the thing I invest in, and naturally the outer will fall in line.I want my heart to be fully confident in love. Zero doubt of God’s delight over me. Free of insecurity. Free of fear. Not worried what others think of me.

What is your vision for your heart?

2. Find and hold on to the words of the Lord

Our heart vision is critical, but will be a foundation for the assignments and words God has given us.

In a time of shaking, the enemy would love to distract and devalue our calling. In your job, your family, in your ministry. Several months ago, I was challenged to log hours of prayer time into my calling and significant words of the Lord over my life.

This was so valuable, as I remembered things God had spoken in a big way, but over time had forgotten. I was reminded why I was on the earth.

This keeps our energy focused on what we are called to, and free from that which we are not. A lot of things are important, but if we don’t know our lane we could spend our life doing good things, as opposed to what God has assigned us to do.

In a crazy time of pandemic and chaos, knowing our calling keeps us focused. We do not need to wait for someone to tell us what to do, when we know what God has already said.

3. Teachable Transparency

We all know that we need friends, but its so much more than a nice thing, it’s life and death!

Nobody with any sense charges into battle alone. And we are in a battle.
Now more than ever do we need people that we can be be open and transparent with. We need people that we go to for input and wisdom. No one has this figured out.

Let’s initiate with friends to share how we are doing and invite their wisdom and encouragement into our lives.