Had an amazing time in Alabama! Yes we brought banjos. Here is a quick video and the chords we did as well!

Monday morning


A Holy and Anointed One

A Agnus Dei 

A Beauty, Beauty/Your all I want/Holy/My heart will sing

F#m   D   A   E


A Every Nation

Verse: Bm    F#m   A   E  -  Bm  A  E  E

Chorus: D  F#m  A   E


A Name above all Names

A     E    F#m   D


F One Thing Remains

Verse: Bb  F   C

Chorus: Dm   Bb    F   C


F Freight Train

Dm   Bb    F   C

(dance) I cannot run away from your unfailing love

(toms) Your love is like a freight train, it keeps on coming cannot stop it

(♩ hits) This is my story, my testimony, the love of Jesus changed my life

(½ time)Its Your love, Your unfailing love



Monday night


Holy Spirit

Our father

revelation song

Jesus Your Beautiful Waste


Tues morning

Put My heart

Set a fire

In Christ Alone

It’s My Joy


Wednesday Morning

He is Exalted

All in All

Finish what You Started

Song to Sing



Revelation Song

Land that my Father Won

Name above all Names

Agnus Dei