Intentional community, based around the presence of God, leading to revival and reformation.

Imagine communities raised up all over the world; closed countries, slums, refugee camps, orphanages, urban centers, university campuses and remote villages; all walking in a dynamic marriage of prayer and missions, the monastic and the missional, intimacy and advocacy. Such communities and values have shaped history, and we are in a day where this model of transformation is being released once again!

Fire and Fragrance DTS is designed to raise up students and release them into the nations of the earth to partner with and plant communities prioritizing worship and intercession and allowing it to flow into outreach fueled by the power of God. We desire to see a whole generation raised up across the earth who would walk in an unapologetic Fire for the Presence of God, worship, and intercession that automatically flows into becoming the very Fragrance of Christ to the lost. The presence of God is the source of all strategy and the power that releases effective outreach. God is searching for a generation that would give themselves wholeheartedly to the place of intimate communion, zealous passion, and faith filled obedience.

In 1727, a community of selfless, devoted, lovers of Jesus emerged out of the remote village of Herrnhut, Germany. Stricken with the intense mandate from God to pray unceasingly, by day and by night, the Moravians contended for the Kingdom of God to be made manifest on the earth. Out of a lifestyle of sacrificial communal living and constant prayer the Spirit of God birthed a desire in this band of disciples to see the lost of the world brought to the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus. Their daily lives demonstrated 1st commandment living of communion and love, with and for God. This led to the enduement of power by the Holy Spirit for the obedience of the second commandment for the reaching of the lost and the eventual completion of the Great Commission. The Moravians’ simple values of prayer and love for the lost, resulted in one of the greatest recorded explosions of missionaries sent around the earth. The DNA of this community was expressed through men and women’s radical acts of sacrifice and abandonment for Jesus. Their cry became ” O, that the Lamb would receive the reward of His suffering.” Their passion, Jesus, their desire, His inheritance of souls. Nearly 300 years later, the mandate and Commission remain the same. Who will Pray? Who will GO? That the Lamb would receive His reward of his Bride…