For the last week I have been in Maui, Hawaii. My friend Sam Chang invited me to co-lead with him for a week at YWAM-Maui. We spoke on hearing the voice of God and also led worship a few times. We have absolutely loved the community here and have felt like part of the family.

  • We started off the week talking about how communication comes from relationship and we have to realize that God is after friendship first. We move from a place of knowing God loves us, instead of hoping He will.

On Tuesday, we described the clutter in our lives that we need to remove. One would be the religious spirit. Its the thing that makes us think we are being spiritual but actually are just walking out the plastic Christian culture that has been created. One big characteristic of religion is a critical spirit. We also, addressed how taking on rejection can distance us from communication.
On Wednesday Sam taught on the different ways God speaks primarily describing the Rhema (spoken) word and the logos (written) word of God. Great teaching!
Thursday, I taught on the prophetic and how since Acts 2, since the Holy Spirit is now available to the many- we can hear the voice of God and release it to others. It doesn’t have to be a weird future-telling difficult thing. Paul says that we would all prophesy (1 Cor. 14:5). Also gave some practical tips for hearing the voice of God, like turning down the volume of other things in our life, focusing on who He is, and worship.
Friday, we did a few exercises, encouraged each other and prayed a bit.
We also had a handful of worship, prayer, and intercession times!

What an amazing week! Really felt like the students were encouraged, growing, and are going to change the world. So exciting to be a part of.