7 is often considered the number of God or number of completion.

7 x 7 = 49

On the 49th year, God mandates in Leviticus 25:8-55 that the 50th year would be set apart for rest and redemption. The people, land and animals would rest and debts would be canceled.

It is a holy celebration.

This is Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM’s) Jubilee year.  YWAM began in 1960 with the leadership of Loren Cunningham. He has his wife Darlene traveled around the world this year doing 43 celebrations and concluded the 44th celebration this last week in Kona, Hawaii.

The first night- 209 countries were represented as people from 209 countries have done YWAM.
It felt like the Olympics but worshiping Jesus. Probably the most nationalities I have ever worshiped with at once. A small taste of heaven.
Hawaiian dancing and fire-knife dancing.

Tuesday morning around 30 people from different nations stood up and said Thank you” to Loren and Darlene proclaiming “I am the fruit of your ministry. Then many others began to stand up and thank them.

The rest of the week was full or encouraging words, worship, honoring faithful servants, and some pretty exciting unveiling of new developments including full length motion picture on the mighty men of David, Uniscript, a alphabet development that allows illiterate to learn to read the bible withing days, as well as other major technology to be used by YWAM, like Telepresence, a Mercedes-Benz semi-truck that can carry a stage, bath and kitchenette, and a team with 30,000 bibles.

To learn more visit www.uofnkona.edu

or for more pictures check out the UofN’s facebook