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After traveling to the Pacific and Central Asia, my world travels have paused for now. I will post stories of my adventure but first just wanted to give a quick update as to my current status.

I was one of the last to leave the base in Kona, so it was nice to have a few days to relax.  I got home on July 24. I had left Kansas City on January 7. My 169 day journey complete! I knew it would be difficult my dear DTS family, but I was so excited to see my family. After a red-eye and 2 flights, I was greeted by both my sisters and mom and dad! It was incredible. I had been looking forward to that moment for a very long time and it was indeed a grand reunion. Thank Jesus no bags were lost!
It has been so interesting coming home. I did not even consider reverse culture shock. It has been great to see family and friends! It’s just weird because I am so different, and everything here is the same… but not. It’s just strange. I think I have adjusted though and am really excited about what God is doing.

Last week I led worship for Lee’s Summit Community Church’s student and childrens ministries. So we had 2 services going on and was crazy, but a lot of fun. The presence of the Lord was so beautiful and I loved seeing students encounter Jesus. I dealt with some poison ivy which is finally clearing up but God is good and I had some great people helping me out!

Concerning “what’s next?”- On outreach and in Kona I felt that God wanted me to wait to get home to get direction. I have been really feeling to just sit tight and get close to Jesus. That sounds kind of obvious, but I have felt that right now is like David on the hillside: Singing songs to Jesus and getting grounded in intimacy with Him. I have gotten a lot of confirmation in this as I have been getting some really good revelation through the Holy Spirit and the Word. Specifically, I have been exploring the First and Second Commandment (Mark 12 and Matthew 22). The more I dig the more I realize I have hardly scratched the surface. God is giving me a lot of vision for how He made me too! I need to be faithful in letting my roots go deep now, so I do well in the next thing God has for me!


  • Praise God for the beautiful blessing of the DTS in my life
  • Pray God downloads more of His heart for me and understanding of His Word
  • Pray God makes clear what-when-how the next steps are for my life