It has been an eventful last few weeks. We had the tsunami scare a few weeks ago, have had some great times in class, and God is doing a deep
work in me.
I have had some really neat times on community outreach. One night a classmate and I got to hang out and really just listen to a guy for 3 hours. He didn’t seem to change his mind on where he stood, but I felt so encouraged that we were able to just love on him by befriending him. Another night, my group of 3 approached a man and asked if he needed prayer, he said right away that his nephew was dying and he kept saying he knew it was a divine setup. We prayed for his nephew and family and got to chat with them a bit.
Last weekend our class did 24 hours of prayer signing up and having live worship and prayer for 24 hours. I got to lead a bit and the first night was a blast! God showed up and we just a had a blast singing, dancing, shouting… The joy of the Lord is so much fun! We
all just enjoyed Jesus 🙂
I am getting more excited about outreach! We leave in less than 3 weeks. Am starting to get warmer clothes as it will be FREEZING there! Also look forward to getting some of their local clothing. If you want more details on outreach please sign up for e-mail newsletter at
I feel like the Lord is doing such a deep work in me. He is stretching me (sometimes it just plain hurts) to trust Him more and learning that some of what He may withhold is really because He is jealous for me now. He wants to be with me!  Christianity as I knew it- is not the same. I am learning to re-look at things according to the Bible.
Please pray for me as I continue to learn and process all that has been given me. I want to hear it from God and for it to be real, not just what a speaker told me.
Thank you for your prayers!!!