This morning I woke up to some very annoying sirens going off at 6am.
I thought, – Seriously? Saturday morning? I was exhausted going to bed
and looking forward to sleeping in. I thought it was weird to test
sirens. Then I see a text from my mom about an earthquake then
discover on the news what is going on. As everyone has learned a
massive earthquake has rocked Chile and is threatening the Pacific.
Although I can see the ocean from my room, we are above the evacuation
line. We are being asked to remain on the base. Essentially, things
are not as bad as they supposed, but the surges can continue so we can
not really claim safe for several hours.  Lots of excitement but I
have not heard of any serious damage yet.

Thank you for your prayers. Please us and the rest of the islands in
your prayers as well as those in Chile.

God has been growing me immensely, and I am just trying to wrap lips
around the fire hydrant and get as much as I can.  This last week was
verrry good. I was deeply challenged in ways I perceived things and
have been convicted to go to the Word for what it says rather than
what I think it says or what American Christianity says. God is inside
of me. Thank you Holy Spirit!!!

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I am so grateful for your prayers and support.
Please also let me know how I can be praying for you and your family!!!

Apostle in training,