The next morning we had breakfast, did some shopping, and then later met with a tour guide friend named Ram. We loaded in a van, and headed about an hour outside the city and up a mountain. Mt. Nargacot. This took quite a while, winding up narrow roads, praying we missed the motorcycles and vans coming around the corners.  On the way up we saw a bamboo swing that was put up for the Hindu festivals. We got out to look and Ram actually had the kids stop so Mark could swing. It was much fun!

We finally got up to the peak where we hung out for several hours. We had dinner, Mark rode the towns only horse, and we just kinda relaxed and got to watch the Himalayas at sunset. Eagles filled the skies. The clouds slowly cleared away. The Lord revealed His majesty.

Went up Mt. Nargakot? He points for his pictures... :) Our team... and the Himalayas 60 miles away Bill IMG_1968 The team Sunset Double the Colorado Rockies Me and some big ol mountains Mark got to swing! Nepal-1828

I ran out of words pretty quickly…

The clouds really cleared away near sunset so we could see mountains twice the size of the Rockies, some 60 miles away.  Thank you Lord.

As we headed back, I was not feeling well. EVERY town and home and window was lit with lights and candles for the festivals. Looked cool, but the motion mixed with the smells mixed with my being sick did make for a fun experience. Right when I couldnt handle it anymore, we stopped and got out. Thank Jesus. I just needed to get out. We then heard John Mayer blaring from across the street which was refreshing. We ended back at the hotel where I updated a bit on facebook, then headed for bed.

The next morning we headed for the airport to go home. Ram gave us these flower necklaces that were ALL over the city for the festivals. kinda cool. We gave him some gifts too. Got to give the bellboy a bible too which was neat. LORD USE IT IN JESUS NAME!

The team In Kathmandu thinking of my IB family They were so nice to us

Leaving Nepal I got to see Mt Everest which I was way stoked about.

Mt Everest- holla!!!

We went to Singapore where we met with a family and ate seafood on the ocean! I was feeling better, and this food was GOOOOD! Singapore is quite the city too!Seafood by the sea in Singapore- delish!!! Singapore Singapore

The next 40 hours or so of traveling was long, fun, and full of blurred memories. hahaha

Thank you bringing us home Jesus and may you take us where you want us!