That night was not so good.

I woke up in the middle of the night with some uh-hmmm… uhh. Stomach issues.
Stayed up the rest of the night running to the bathroom. This was not so fun. In the morning, I came down with a fever. This was not good. This was my last morning with the kids. I didn’t wanna be stuck in bed. But hey! Maybe that would mean I have to stay at the orphanage!!!
That didn’t happen either.

I laid in bed for a while, then finally tried to make it downstairs. I was doing a bit better at this point. The next few minutes mad me forget how bad I felt. As I walked in the main room where everyone was, they all cheered!!! I saw the rest of my team had on cream colored scarves on. Brother Nepal came and put one on my neckNepal-1507 Ahh, with that honor and the love of the kids. I felt so much better. Each of the kids made a card for each one of us, not to mention the videos Jen took of the kids telling me to get better.  I felt soo loved and so special. Ahh.

So then we had to leave, we went back up the hill. I got hugs from all the kids.  We had to say goodbye, I encouraged a few of them specifically in character I saw in them. Then we left.

Very sad.

I was not feeling so great still.  After about 2 minutes, Mark starts flipping out and tells the driver to stop. We had all hoped we were going back.  Mark had actually seen some of the high mountains and wanted to get some pictures. They were beautiful!!!!


We continued our journey into the city and were reminded again of the rank smells of trash and burning motorcycle fuel. We headed to the hotel. I stayed there and slept the rest of the day, while the others went to see a popular Hindu site. I was glad I didn’t go as I did get rest, but also didn’t have to deal with the spiritual oppression at the religious site.

I started feeling a bit better that night and ate a little. But was really hoping I would be well enough for the big hike the next day!