The next morning we ate breakfast, worshiped Jesus, and played with kids THAT WHAT I CALL A GOOD TIME.

The ladies (teachers for the week) got out some beads and the kids began making bracelets, necklaces and pretty much everything with them. We did that for a while… We ate lunch and after we ate, the kids were still playing.

Bead bracelets!

That afternoon, we hiked a nearby mountain that overlooked the valley. It was beautiful! Hard work to get up there, but beautiful. We saw some Hindu temples which kind of made me angry, especially to see their common use of the Star of David.  We saw the god of marijuana as well as some others. Pretty sad… Either way, God showed His beauty in what we saw. Being able to see the valley and the city from near the top of this “hill” was a great experience.

find the worker? cliff jumping Nepal-1331 Nepal-1077 Nepal-1342

When we got back, we prepared for dinner and had one awesome night!!! A good friend from back home had the idea of giving them a pizza and ice cream party. So we had pizza (Nepalese and quite different) and ice cream ordered and all ate it together. PIZZA PARTY!!!

After that, we delivered mail. We had friends from back home mail us cards for each child through a company we are involved with called SendOutCards.  We then called each child’s name and had them get their card! It was so much fun!!!

We had friends mail us cards through SendOutCards for each of the kids. We took it and delivered it!!! Christina

They all spent quite a while looking over their card and reading it and asking about it!!! Thank you to all who wrote one!

After cards, we danced again!!!! So much fun, again they would dance one at a time. It was sooo much fun we danced too! Some of our dancing and tried some of their dances too! 🙂

Rebecca puja Angel Ruth Mary Soppana Nepal Pappa Bill Duane Nepal-1292

We had a blast!!! As we were winding down, we worshiped some more. We sang a few songs and I got to explain about how God lives within us and the Holy Spirit is a gift that God has given to help us. I had them open their hands as if receiving a gift, the size of their stretch, depending on how big a present they wanted. Then we just prayed that God would bless us with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Each child opening up to the Lord and receiving power that I believe will change lives and the country.