(Nepal continued)

The next morning we had the pleasure of hearing the kids sing and being apart of the morning worship.  As they were worshiping one of the days, I just felt the Lord telling me – This is worship. Like saying- learn from them. It wasn’t perfect but it was from the heart and done without holding back. I think that is what God is really wanting- for us to not hod back in our love and worship to Him.

Duane, Bill, and I and some of the guys from the orphanage worked on the retaining wall most of the day. It was hard work, but with Duanes knowledge it helped tremendously.  It was fun to see how the area transformed and to see our finished product. Mark was sick so he rested most of the day and also tried some emailing to get the playground. Thanks to the prayers of the saints and the grace of God, he had a miraculously quick recovery.

That night after dinner the fun began. I heard some singing and when I walked in, I saw one of the youngest, Emmanuel, dancing and everyone else was singing and clapping. It was so awesome. They continued, one at a time they went from youngest to oldest dancing one at a time. They danced different styles depending on what part of Nepal they came from. We danced for a while!!! ha

After that, Jen showed them some of our dances including some hip-hop and swing. Ha- it was so great! We then also danced to their music! Bill, Duane, and Mark also got in on the action! The kids loved it (i think) haha We had an absolute blast.

After that we did some worship. I got to play my guitar and sing with them. I loved it. It was a precious thing singing “Abba” and singing to the Father. I don’t know how much they understood it, but I pray that the Holy Spirit moved in them.

Before bed, I was gonna try and journal but got talking and laughing so hard with Lori, Dale, and Jen – the whole journalling thing didn’t really happen.