Well, my computer got soup spilled on it a week ago so I have been unable to the updates. Please pray for my computer.

We are in Chillicothe as of this last Thursday. 
Did 4 school assemblies on Friday. They went well. All team worship was awesome on Friday night. We went for like 2 hours and 45 minutes…. Some tender fingers thats for sure 🙂
Saturday we went early to the prison and because of the fog count they had to cancel our first show, but we had 2 more shows lots of guys came forward and I got to pray with a few guys. Good stuff…
Sunday morning, we drove to Athens and had a show at a church outreach. It went terrific. That night we had a show in Portsmouth.  Both like an hour away.  Long day.  But lots of responses.  Jesus is doing some awesome stuff here in Ohio. Thank you for all your prayers.
Tomorrow night is our big show here in Chillicothe.  Please pray. It is outside so you can pray for the blessing of the weather, the focus of hearts, the right words preached, and tender hearts to receive it.  Jesus is worthy of the worship. Souls are in the balance.
Thanks for your prayers!!!