I was walking down the hallway at school and Darrin Johnson told me that terrorists flew a plane into a building- or something like that. We watched coverage at school for most of the day I think. Prolly prayed too as I went to a Christian school.
I remember just feeling sick when I watched the coverage at home. It hurt but was still hard to pull myself away from it. Maybe I thought I was gonna miss something.
It was tragic.
It is true worse things have happened or whatever- but real people died that day. Souls faced God and realized where they will spend forever.
I remember it.
People flocked to churches and sought answers from God who seemed quickly forgotten and dismissed.
I pray that as people “remember” 9/11 that God is not set aside.
He is the ONE in charge and I pray that He continues to receive glory in that and other tragedies.
Soli Deo Gloria- To God alone be the Glory