I do nothing.
and HE does everything.
I am clueless
and HE knows the details of tomorrow
I cant work it out
and HE already did

At the beginning of this week, we had a meeting for Nepal and SendOutCards. At the team meeting beforehand, we realized we’re in a pickle. We hadn’t had communication with the orphanage, didn’t know if the land would be prepped for the playground, several team members didn’t have enough funds, we weren’t sure if we would have enough time with the kids, not sure where we were staying etc… Just alot of stuff.
At the meeting we invited people too, we talked about our needs and spent some time in prayer. We asked God to work in Nepal, help our team, and to basically setup this trip.
Praise God!!!
1- After the meeting I was talking with Mark (team leader) and a friend Eric. I happened to log on to Skype and got to talk to one of our contacts and got some awesome contact info for the orphanage as well as answers to other questions.
2- Wednesday one of our team members receives a check for $1,000.
3- Thursday another team member receives $1,000.
4- We also found out that our whole team will be able to go.
5- Also, someone Mark contacted in Nepal, got pictures and measurements of the land we will be building the playground on.

Not to mention the other things God is showing His goodness through.