So last week on Friday May 22, I headed west with some pretty amazing people. Myself, the Faagutus (Rachel, Uelese, and their 3 kids) and the Motlongs (Josh and Sarah and their Isabella) traveled to Colorado. We left Friday afternoon and got there… oh around 5am saturday. I got between 3-4 hrs of sleep. 9 of us stayed in a one bedroom apartment. Oh it was fun.
Later that night we headed to Colorado Springs and led worship at a prayer meeting at Freedom Church (Dutch Sheets church). Rachel did a great job leading and I loved playing with the team inclulding some other friends of the Faagutus from the area. I really enjoyed being able to worship and also learned a lot.
The next morning we led worship at Power Invasion Ministries in Denver. Again, lovedworshipping there and was also very encouraged and ministered to. I got to know some pretty cool people while I was there.
I spend Monday with my cousin, Jon. We headed up to Estes with his housemate Jacob and looked at a pretty sweet art show as well as did some offroading. I may not have been ready for the roughness of the off-roading, but was a memorable experience nonetheless. Maybe I am just a sissy… 🙂

Good times!!!
Monday night I joined the group again and we did a sound check at the news station.
Tuesday we played on the local News- the Deuce. Uelese (SAM*SON) did an awesome job! And it was a lot of fun playing (even though he gives me trouble for a dash of vibrato in a song, which upon reviewing was pretty silly 🙂


Josh and goose Isabella Lei Manna
I did not get a pic of Comay on the trip but here is an old one so shes not left out…

There is a video here for song just look through the video list for SAM*SON
and here is another…

We eventually left town after the show and ended getting back to KC around 3am, Wed. It was tiring but totally a blast!

Friday, May 29th my family and I left for Branson MO aka Red-neck Vegas. If your not familiar with Branson, it has a lot of different shows, restaurants and activities most of which are geared toward families and midwest/southern style. I had a really good time with my family. We went to Dixie Stampede, did some mini-golfing, shopping and certainly some eating too. I really do love my fam.

We got home Sunday.
Yesterday (June 6th) afternoon I headed to Chanute KS where I got to see some dear friends and spend time with them.

This morning I got to minister at First Baptist of Chanute. I led worship but also preached too. It had been a long time since I really taught the Word. Last time was over 3 years and was to a small girls Bible study. I was a bit nervous but ended really enjoying doing it and even went a bit long.

I spoke on how the Lord wants to be friends with us and for us to respond to this, we must understand His mercy. If we don’t know his kindness to us we keep Him at a distance and cant receive the grace and love that gives us power to live righteously.

I am now home.

I have been out of town the last 3 weekends. I enjoy traveling but it will be nice staying around, at least for a little while.
God is growing me. I love Him. I love the Holy Spirit.
God is good.