Rap is one of the major classifications/genres of music alive today. Hip hop (also known as rap) is characterized by rhythmic and fluid lyrics along with heavy beats that make the listener want to move.
In the spirit of the late DC Talk- I love rap music!
I love how the rhythms and beats and catchy hooks can draw in the listener and make them want to get up and dance (or at least try).

It has become a popular (and accurate) accusation that the hip hop culture is one that promotes and influences the worship of drugs, the love of money, and the dehumanization of women. It is also popular for listeners to justify there music and convictions by attempting to convince themselves they just listen to the beat. I like a good beat, but please dont attempt to excuse yourself to listen to trashy lyrics and ideas for the sake of a good beat. Whether or not you think you are soaking the lyrics in. I am not writing to bash the immorality of mainstream rap, which for me is obviously not an option.

As a Christian it can be very difficult to find decent music as so very often, the music represented on the radio clicks more with middle-aged women than it does young people. Especially in the area of finding a good beat and groove. Specifically hip-hop.

For a long time I listened to Grits and Cross Movement. Which I would strongly recommend. Cross Movement has a record label with a number of other artists they represent. I would encourage you to check it out.
Lately I have been getting to know another group of hip hop artists. Reach Records has a handful of quality of rappers including Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee and Tedashii.
I love it that John Piper had endorsed Lecrae and has worked with him in interviews and also producing his music video for “Don’t Waste Your Life.”
Another artist to check out would be Lyrycyst.
One thing I would recommend is listen to the free internet radio on Padora and create a channel with Lecrae or one of the artists I have mentioned. From there you can find similar artists.
Check out some of these sites I have linked to, launch the jukeboxes or music players and get some sweet beats along with some serious preaching too.