Wow. A month has already come and passed in 2009. I realize I am only 23, but time is really flying faster and faster. I am not trying to be morbid, but before I realize I will be done with this part of life. If one month, even one year can slip by so easily, it really challenges me to think. It can either be a good thing in that I spent the year wisely and can be grateful for what I did with it, or I can look back and think, “Wow, what did I do with this year?”
I mean really, what am I doing with my time?!
Does it have purpose?
I believe my life, thus, the time I have in it, does serve a purpose… But am I fulfilling it? It is designed to have purpose, but I am doing with it what I was designed to do…
I am trying my best. I do have regret, but I also have gratitude in the power God has allowed to me to walk in His design. I am definitely feeling my way through alot of dark times, but His Word is a lamp unto my feet and with it and His voice calling me forward, I will not give up the journey and I will not let it be a waste.

Thank You for grace- my sin erased -You called me as Your son
For I did rebel into the grip of hell- yet You give me what You’ve won
Yes, a life to live that death will give as I join You in the tomb
I die to sin, am raised again as I emerge from eternity’s womb
Come quickly