Whelp, its the beggining of a new year.
well duh bryce…

I just came off the OneThing Conference put on by the International House of Prayer. I am quite quite inspired and challenged to live a consecrated life. I want to burn for God. I want to be set apart and go after the face of God no matter how bad it may hurt.
The conference was focused on the end times specifically from the book of Revelation. I learned alot but more than that, I feel challenged to look up more and find out more for myself. It is not a side-issue compared to knowing Jesus, but rather it IS the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The more I see Jesus as He is, I will undoubtedly fall more in love freeing my thoughts toward other things to fall in the right place.

Father, help me this year to see you as you are, and above all things to seek your face.