So I am offically done with school this semester for which I am quite grateful. I took 18 credits this past semester as well as taught some guitar lessons. I thank God that He gave me to grace to get through and for allowing me to manage my time much better than I last fall.
I do look forward to NOT commuting for 8ams everyday in Warrensburg. I look forward to a lighter load next semester with 12.5 credits.
During this Christmas break I dont have alot of plans. I will continue to teach guitar lessons.
I also plan on attending -Onething. I strongly recommend you seriously consider trying to make it. This is not a fun festival or concert but a sincere gathering of those interested in making God a priority and not sitting on the sidelines anymore. This will be my 5th Onething conference (i think) and I can honestly say that my life has been strongly affected and has shifted due to the ministry and just plain work of God at the Onething conference.
Please come. It is FREE. You will be stirred. You will not regret going.
December 28-31
Kansas City, MO – Bartle Hall