As one of the bill’s co-sponsors, Senator Barack Obama promised the abortion lobby that this will be the first piece of legislation he will sign into law as president of the United States of America.

The Freedom of Choice Act overturns virtually all federal and state pro-life laws. FOCA would also overturn all restrictions on public funding of abortion and require we the taxpayers to pay for elective abortions.

What FOCA does:

* Creates a new federal right to abortion and would repeal the Hyde Amendment allowing unlimited federal funding for abortion.
* Removes all safeguards (“interferences”) currently in place at the state or federal level. These include:
* Full disclosure to the patient (ultrasound images of the unborn child, details about pain inflicted on the baby, any information about long-term complications for the mother)
* Parental notification for minors seeking abortion
* Waiting periods
* Restrictions based on fetal viability allowing for abortion on demand through the ninth month of pregnancy
* Protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to perform or assist in an abortion
* Protections for religiously affiliated hospitals as well as public hospitals that currently do not perform abortions
* Exclusions for abortion coverage from health care plans of federal employees
* Overturns the partial-birth abortion ban, a gruesome late-term procedure involving the forced extraction of the infant from the mother’s womb, insertion of a device to suction the brains from the baby’s skull allowing for the skull to be crushed facilitating its removal from the birth canal.

The majority of Americans support these common-sense protections. The Freedom of Choice Act is extreme even for many who identify themselves as “Pro-Choice.”

You can click on these links to find and contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives and urge them to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act. It is quite easy to contact them at this site.

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