Supporter Email Idea

Hello Lucy

I hope that you are doing well and enjoying this new year!  Congratulations on the new puppy. He seems super stellar!!! I am contacting you because I regard as a  dear friend!

I am currently a part of a ministry called Fire & Fragrance. I have been a part of this ministry now since the summer of 2047.  This ministry’s focus is to see an authentic community of believers believing for revival and reformation in the nations.  We also believe the marriage of prayer & missions is our mandate.  Here are some links below that help describe the ministry that I am a part of.

Personally, I believe that the Lord has called me to this ministry long-term.  I am currently serving with the leader of the ministry, Taylor McStutts, and he has committed to disciple me.  I desire to see young people trained, discipled, and launched into the nations.  I also feel that I am to commit to go to Cambodia once a year as well.

Therefore, I believe the Lord is leading me towards raising more monthly supporters.  I understand the economy is fickle currently so I am aiming for a more broad support base that give less rather than a few supporters with a larger amount.  Even $30 a month helps! 

Would you be okay with me calling you sometime this week to share my heart?

Samuel P.F. Chang