Hey! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Bryce. A little about me…

Come From

My grandfather was a pastor as was my dad. I grew up in the church with all the stories and slowly but surely have gotten to know the man behind the flannelgraph. I started playing guitar in middle school and have continued to do so. I graduated college in 2009 with a degree in Music Technology, which basically means that I know music and how to produce and record it. I recently finished a school called Fire and Fragrance. It was a 6 month course with 12 weeks of lecture and 10 weeks of outreach in the nations. This school focuses on “revival and reformation in the nations of the earth through intentional communities centered around valuing the presence of God through worship, intercession, and passion for Jesus!”- essentially, the presence of God in a community that transforms the nations.


I am in Kona, Hawaii. Serving Fire and Fragrance full time.  I have realized that leading worship is not just to edify the church but to transform nations.  I desire to help point the earth to worship the King of all kings- Jesus Christ. I help fuel the prayer room here, lead corporate worship, help with the recording studio, and interact with the training schools. I am a full-time volunteer missionary. To see how you can get involved with an incredible move of God around the world, I am building a prayer team as well a financial support team. Email me at or click Support