My first time to Europe and I come to a town of 1400 people??

In 1722 a group of persecuted Protestants (called Moravians) escaped what is now eastern Czech and were given land in a place they called Herrenhut (“the Lord’s watch” or watching for the Lord) With the leadership of a man named Count Zinzendorf they established a Christian community devoted to Scripture, loving each other, and the blood of Jesus- the crucified Lamb of God.

After some disunity, then repentance, the Holy Spirit fell on this little band and ignited 24-7 prayer for 100 years. They were also the first modern missionaries that affected the nations. Click here for a bit more history…

So I am here helping kickstart a Fire and Fragrance DTS to reignite the Moravian lampstand to refuel missions that the presence of Jesus might cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.

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