I hope this letter finds you well. I just recently graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in Music Technology. The degree essentially allows me to be able to produce music. Although, I am unclear in how and where God wants me to serve, one opportunity that I feel strongly about is a short-term mission to Nepal.
Sometime last year, I got a call from a man named Uttam. Uttam serves the kingdom by helping disciple and train young people in Nepal. I had a great meeting with him and thought about the idea of going sometime. Later on, a good friend of mine shared that he wanted to build a playground at one of the orphanages there. This also got my attention as I love kids. The idea of using music with children, especially orphans, is something that really stirs my heart. I love the idea of really using the power of music to change hearts. I would love to be able to sing of the Father’s heart to those who do not know it. I have since met with a small team planning on going to Nepal to install a playground, yes, but even more to show the love of Jesus by encouraging community and revealing the heart of the Father.
My chief invitation is to ask for prayer partners. I do not want to attempt to serve the kingdom in such a way, without a prayer covering. Please consider putting me and the team as well on your prayer list.
There is a financial need. I will need to raise around $3000 to serve in Nepal. I ask you to please pray about being apart of this mission. If God wants you to give, please do. At the same time, don’t feel pressured to give either. I trust God has set apart the funds.
I specifically hope to really use my gift in music to draw people together and allow them to see Jesus. I am excited to sing over and bless orphans. I want to love the ones that Father loves. What better place to do that than at the top of the world!
If any of you have any other thoughts or questions please email me at . Also, to get some random thoughts on life, my blog is
Even broader than just this trip, I would love to have prayer support as I endeavor into a season of unknown. I do not know where the Lord will take me and would love to have some prayer support in the journey. If this is something you are also interested in, please email me.

Bless you!
~ bryce

For more info: for info on the work being done in Nepal

NOTE: If you choose to give:
Please include a brief note with your check to indicate if the financial support is for team member support & which team member or if is building material support or both. Please also put the following account number on the note & in the check memo: #12032.000

Send to:
Lee’s Summit Community Church
1440 S.W. Jefferson
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081
RE: Playgrounds Of Peace
816-524-6786 (email)

Send to:
Lee’s Summit Community Church
1440 S.W. Jefferson
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081
RE: Playgrounds Of Peace
816-524-6786 (email) (web site)
October 9 – 18, 2009 ~ Kathmandu, Nepal
Hope Home – Playground & Relationship Building- Short Term Mission Trip

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